The U.S. Kids Golf Academy at Longleaf will welcome the epicenter of teaching and learning for family and youth development in the world of golf. Whether a camp for beginning junior players, a clinic for intermediate ladies or a seminar for top coaches, the Academy is proud to be the place where great ideas,programs, and players incubate, develop, and evolve. State-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive practice areas mean that Longleaf will be the leading name in teaching and learning golf for generations to come. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re seeking to move to the highest level in the game, time spent at the U.S. Kids Golf Academy seeks to serve all.

For information on Rates and Schedule please visit the Academy Website.

Jim Hardy, PGA/U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach/U.S. Kids Golf TOP50 Kids Teacher, will take each student's game to a new level.

Academy Fees